07-11-2019 Kalyana Parisu-Sun tv Serial

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Watch Kalyana Parisu Sun tv serials 07.11.19 | Sun TV serial Kalyana Parisu 07/11/19 Latest Today Episode Online
Kalyana Parisu 07-11-2019 Sun tv Serial | 07-11-2019 Kalyana Parisu Sun tv serials | Sun Tv Kalyana Parisu 07th November 2019
Directed By : Usha Kumar
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : B.R.Neha, R. Vivu, Venkat, Ravi Varma, C. I. D. Sakunthala, M. Amulya

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Sun tv Serials, Kalyana Parisu

Sun tv Serial KalyaanaParisu 07th November 2019

Kalyanaparisu is a Tamil soap opera that airs on Sun TV. The show is set to launch on February 10, 2014. It is the story of three women, who were close friends in their college life. They wanted to be closer to each other forever in their life. But others said such a friendship is not possible. After all, women can onlybe friends till they get married, after that they have their own families and responsibilities which will separate them. But these three girls didn’t want that.They loved their friends and they wanted it to continue, irrespective of what happens with their lives later.Were they successful in their mission? How their families and others saw this friendship and how they overcame the problems that tried to affect their friendship is the story of this family drama which is well liked by audience.

Category: Kalyana Parisu, Mahalakshmi, Sun tv Serial, Tamil TV Serials,

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